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About Us

Nha Trang Local Surf School is one of the leading surf schools in beautiful Vietnam. We are located in Nha Trang, an amazing and yet largely undiscovered surf gem in South East Asia. Expect warm waters, easy waves and beautiful beaches!

Our surf lesson runs in all seasons. We run all our Surf Courses on Bai Dai Beach, located 40 minutes drive from Nha Trang city centre. Bai Dai is an excellent beach break with shallow blue waters and an isolated coastline. Waist-deep waters mean you don't need to know how to swim in order to experience surfing.  

Our school offers ISA-certified surf instructors (International Surfing Association) and apply innovative, effective surf teaching following ISA standards.  

Our Surf Courses Include: free car pick up service from your hotel to the surf spot & back, mineral water & snacks, complimentary surf photos, free safety storage of your personal belongings, shower, changing rooms & toilet facilities, free use of surf equipment & accessories (surfboards, leash, wax, rash vest & etc).

The timing of the surf classes is generally in the early morning, the specific times are decided each day by depending on the seasonal. Our team will update the time to you one day in advance.

Surf Lesson Infomation
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Your Surf Level Assessment

Our Beginners Surf Classes are suitable for anyone who: has never surfed before, has only a little experience with surfing or it’s been a long time since you last surfed. 

For intermediate surfers who wish to work on their surf skills, we offer Private Intermediate Surf Course. You are an intermediate surfer if you can catch waves without assistance and comfortably traverse (turn) across an unbroken (green) wave in both directions. In general an intermediate surfer has been surfing anywhere from a few months to several years.


All surf courses are 3 HOURS. Including travel time, you should set aside roughly 5 hours for surfing with us.

Please understand that because Bai Dai Beach is an undeveloped area! The surf courses are held at the best time for surfing each day based on the tide & wind forecasts. Usually this means surfing in the early morning from 7am, when its still glassy.

Every day our instructors will choose the best time & tide for the best surfing condition and inform all surf students and rental customers the day before. This is usually in the early morning from 6.30am onwards.


For those who have never surfed before, our 3 hour Lesson Plan starts with 35 minutes of Beginners' Surf Theory. Thereafter, we start practicing in the water with instructors during our 1st Surf (35 minutes), followed by a 15 minute Water Break. After that, the instructors will take the students for our 2nd Surf (35 minutes). Once the instructor has completed the lesson, the students have an additional 60 minutes to surf independently without instructor assistance. This helps cement what they learnt in class earlier.


The following facilities are available at our surf spot:

  1. Shower Rooms

  2. Changing Rooms

  3. Toilets

  4. Shaded Rest Area

  5. Rash Vests


  1. Do trim your fingernails and toenails short prior to class.

  2. Do remove all jewellry, spectacles/sunglasses and headgear during class.

  3. Please wear contact lens if needed.

  4. Please do not bring any valuables to attend class as much as possible, e.g.: leave your expensive jewellry, watches, passports etc in the hotel.


Below is a suggested list of things you may wish to bring along for your comfort:

  1. Dry Change of Clothes

  2. Straps for spectacles or Swim Goggles (if you need)

  3. SUNSCREEN (!!)

  4. Swimsuit / Surf Shorts

  5. Towel for Shower

  6. Basic toiletries (optional)

  7. Extra water & snacks (optional)

  8. Sandals/ flip flop

How to Pay for your Surf Class:

At the moment, we are only able to accept cash payments in USD or VND on the spot or payment in advance bank transfers (with 3% surcharge).

Payment can be made before your surf class or rental begins.

We are unable to accept credit cards or other forms of electronic payment, including Alipay, Wechat Pay etc. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

For those who have always wanted to try surfing, Bai Dai Beach near Nha Trang City is an excellent place to start, with its warm shallow waters and gentle waves. Our school specialises in teaching complete beginners who have never surfed before with the most patient and attentive surf instructors, all of whom are experienced surfers who know the surf spot well and will choose the best time, tide & specific location for the surf classes.

As the surf spot on Bai Dai Beach is a 40 minutes drive from Nha Trang City, every day our instructors will choose the best time & tide for the best surfing condition and inform all surf students and rental customers the day before. This is usually in the early morning from 6.30am onwards. At the appointed time, our car transfer service will pick up everybody from their hotels and bring them out to the surf spot, where we will enjoy 3 hours of surf fun, before returning to Nha Trang City thereafter. The entire experience spans about 5 hours on average, similar to most half-day tour programs, so you will want to set aside enough time for your surf adventure.

As the water temperature remains mild all year round, no wetsuit is required for surfing in Nha Trang. You need only bring: your swimsuit/surf shorts, sunscreen & a towel, i.e.: things you would normally bring to a beach. All surf equipment and accessories including rashvests are provided by the school. You can also check out our suggest What to Bring on list above.

If you have never surfed before, then your first-ever surf class will start with a short theory session to educate you on the basics of surfing (see Lesson Plan). We will teach you the correct technique to stand up on the board, how to paddle and catch waves, how to ride the waves, how to handle the surfboard safely in the water & other essential skills.

If you surf with us over the course of several days, the instructors will monitor your individual surfing progression and develop your surf skills to include learning how to turn the surfboard, how to accelerate & control speed whilst riding the waves and proper techniques to progress to the next level of surfing. The instruction will be addressed to your specific ability.

Our photographer goes every morning to shoot the last surf session and the best photos will be featured on our website, Instagram & Facebook. The photos are available to the students for free. For returning students, we provide regular photo reviews of your surfing during which we analyse your surfing and advise on the correct technique.

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